Playing together

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Having a conductor

If there is a conductor in the band, you should concentrate on following his will with the music. Below paragraphs are written for bands without a conductor

Copy the style

When you play with other people. Listen how they are playing. Try to copy their style. When you have done that you can try to "pull" them over to your style. If everybody are doing the same, you will find a common style when you are playing together. If you cannot find a common style, and you feel that you have a style that everybody can unite around, then keep the beat and promote your style

Give and take

Playing together is a give and take, you give a little of your self and you take a little of what other are giving, in this way may find mutual harmony and your music will unify to a common expression.





To play in half circle

As your band grows you may form a half circle. The speed of sound is 330 m/s, if the radius of your circle approaches 10 meters, you will have difficulties playing together simply because of the sound delay. (If you are playing 200 Beats per minute) 10 meters distance corresponds to a 3-th note in delay. It is possible to play together, but it is difficult to be very precise. 20 meters distance corresponds almost to a 16th note in delay it is now almost impossible to play together.

A trick is to look at bowing hand of the guy standing on the opposite side of the circle. The speed of light is much faster than the speed of sound. So by looking at him you will play simultaneously. Another way of playing together is of course to have a conductor, and look at his movement.