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When you play an instrument you don't do it only for yourself, it is also for the audience. Be sure to learn a couple of tunes really good. The art is not to know a lot of tunes, but a few tunes that you can perform. (If you are often performing for the same audience, you must practice new tunes, so they do not get tired though).

It is a lovely feeling to catch an audience with your instrument. Playing together is not necessarily to play with the other musicians. You can play together with your audience to. Remember that performing is not only your music. Performing is visual too. Use your body when keeping the rhythm. Many musicians use their foot to keep the rhythm. Using your whole body has the advantage that it does not make so much noise. (In some occasions the foot noise is an advantage for the dancers. However most conductors tend to dislike the stamping.

Stop while the play is good. Be aware that not all people like your playing, and it can be boring to listen to. If everybody encourage you to play continue, but not so long that somebody will ask you to stop. The art of performing includes knowing when to stop.





The lessons does not end here have you tried the Harmony course