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Thanks to:

  • Benjamin Brask who really is the first target for this course, being patient and allowing for developing this course.
  • Pelle Lindstrøm with orchestra for playing marvelous harmonica the afternoon in Eiffel bar (Christianshavn) when Benjamins mother approached regarding violin lessons for her son.
  • Niels Ullman (Mathematical section of Copenhagen University) for putting me in the right direction with respect to the mathematical basics of the Harmonic scales.
  • Eric Thomasen (Engineering colleague and a good saxophonist) for explaining his findings about tuning.
  • Dr. Scott Klappenbach from Washington DC for suggesting the chapter on Vibrato
  • Nina (former violin pupil from Roskilde) for suggesting a better section on double stops (not yet implemented)
  • Reynaldo Jr. Marquez and Anne-Marie Olsen for nice mails with encouragement.
  • Martin Kutter for good ideas on how to structure a practicing schedule. Martin has started from scratch learning violin from this course only.





Mails from people