About the violin and the bow

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Tension the horse tail

The horse tail should be relaxed after you have played. Do that by turning the screw at the frog end of the bow.


The frog                                                                            then bow tip

relaxed bow

Bow with tension


Violin parts

The violin consists

  • The body
  • The fingerboard
  • Scroll with pegs
  • String holder with fine tuners
  • Bridge
  • Chin rest

Don't touch the string part between the bridge and the fingerboard. This will put finger grease and make it difficult to play.





fine tuners

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Rosin on the bow

You should regularly (at least once a week if you are practicing daily) grease your bow with rosin. Make sure that you apply rosin all over the bow, by moving the rosin several times forward and back.

The violin "works" because the bow is gripping into the string. Without rosin on the horse hair, the violin will not say anything.

Do not touch the horse hair of the bow. If the bow becomes greasy it will not make any sound!


Cleaning the string

Get the resin off the string using propylic alcohol.



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