Note length

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Whole note

4 strokes

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Half note

2 strokes

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Fourth note

1 stroke


1, 2, 3, 4

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The flagpole can be either up or down depending on where the note is placed. In the system. (The flagpole is striving towards center of the system.)

Eighth note

The eighth is half the length of a forth:


Tat-te, Tat-te, Tat-te, Tat-te

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You can either bind the 8th note or you may put the notes individually with a flag like in this picture.

16th note

1/16-note is half of the eighth




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32th note

By adding more bars you will half the value for each bar.

(its difficult to count 32th, luckily they are very rare in normal music)

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With triplets you have three notes per stroke.


Ta-ta-ta . TA-TA-TA, TA-TA-TA, TA-TA-TA

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Punctured notes

By adding a point after the note the note length is doubled.


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Swing style

A very common figure in music is the punktered eighth followed by a 16th note.

Often you play this note in a swing style. That is you play it as it consisted of two bound triplets followed by a third triplet. Click on the two notes and hear the difference.

In most jazz music all the eighth notes are played in swing style

that is:: equals in jazz (this does not apply to some styles like the Bossa Nova)


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