Simple riff and blues exercises

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Exercise 1

This is a very simple riff It consists of 3 strophes with a termination. Please note that the E becomes a Eb in the f chord. This is because in Blues you prefer playing the minor 7th. Eb is minor third in C-major, you may also use it other places. Click on the note picture or here for starting. If you are not using Microsoft IE you can click here. After two chorus with the melody there is some chorus with no melody where you can do your own improvisation

Exercise 2

This is a riff containing more notes. I often use it if I can't think of anything when making a C-blues.

Click her or in the picture. Non IE users click here.


Exercise 3

This theme is a little bit more difficult. It contains the very typical jazz triplet starting.

Click here for hearing or click in the picture, or click here.


Exercise 4

Note how the theme is changing slightly when going into F-major.

Click here here or in the picture for hearing. Non MS IE click here.







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