Holding the violin

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Be relaxed!

It is of utmost importance that you relax when playing violin. The positions you hold a violin are not natural, but if you do it right, you can learn how to relax while doing it. Don't overexercise in the start. Take breaks when you feel for it, and don't keep on practicing to long time. Practicing five minutes a day is far better than one hour once a week!

Use a mirror

Check in the mirror that you are relaxed when playing. It is a good idea to regularly check your movement in a mirror when you practice violin. Especially you should focus on being relaxed. Other points of focus are:

  • Is the bow moving perpendicular across the strings
  • Is the left arm moving correctly as I go down to the low strings
  • How is my right hand moving when the movement of the bow is turning


Hold the violin using your chins

You should be able to hold the violin between your chin and your shoulder, this allows for the best movement of your fingers.

The shoulder rest of the violin is resting on your shoulder bone, and your chin is resting on the violin.

Shoulder rest

You need a good shoulder rest so you can hold your violin between your chin and shoulder.

The shoulder rest may be a cushion, but the shoulder rests that you strap on the violin are the most efficient