Jazz harmony theory 2

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The traditional jazz music

The traditional jazz music started in New Orleance in the start of the 20th century.

Try a melody (All of me), This melody is easy to improvise in, since the chords are changing every second bar (and not twice per bar as in some jazz melodies).




4 note chords

The chords are built from third's put on top of ech other. If you put 4 thirds on top of each other you will get a major 7. The tonic chord (the base chord for a Major) will thus be a major 7 (Cmaj7 or )

The Major 7 chord is associated with a major scale. The second tone in the major scale is a D. If you play a scale over that you will get a dorian scale. TThe II-V progression or the I-II-V -progression is often seen in jazz music. In C-major this yields

C - dm7 - G7. Basically you will play the same notes over the three chords, but since the root note is changing from C to D to G. The scales wil be different.

on dm7 you will play a dorian scale

on G7 you will play a mixolydian scale.