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Chords are used for accompagning the musc. Think about chords as putting thirds on top of each other.

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The listed chords are all in C as root

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C -dur | Cm | C7 | C6 | Cm7 | Cø | Cm7b5 | C9 | Cm7b9 | C11 | C13 | Cdim | C+ |

Inversions of the baisc minor and major triads

C | C 1st inversion | C 2nd inversion | Cm1 | Cm 1. inversion | Cm 2. inversion |

Color code

Whole Tone

Minor third

Major third





The rmajor chord starts with a major third with a minor third on top of it up to the fifth. The chord is inverted twice. First inversion has the third in the bottom 2nd inversion has the fifth in the bottom. You can clearly hear that it is the same chord.
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Grund position 1st inversion 2nd inversion



The mainor chord starts with a minor third, followed by a major third.The minor third gives the colour of the chord. Thus the chord (and the scale) is called minor.

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Grund position 1st inversion 2nd inversion










Sus chords

Sus is an abrieviation for sustained chords.In principle any note may be sustained, indicated with a number after the "sus", but typically it is the fourth note. By default a sus cord means a sus4.





Aug Chord (+ Chord)

Aug is augmented abbrieviatited. It consists of two major thirds. Since there is a major third fromt the enlarged fifth to the root, the chord is symmetrical and any of the notes in an Aug chord may be considered as root. There are only 4 different aug chords. The aug chord is used as a chord in harmonic minor.


listen to Caug


Half diminished minor chord

The half diminished chord conists of two consecutive minor thirds. It is used for the chord formed on the seventh scale tone of a major scale. From the half diminished chord the diminished akkord is formed by adding a diminished 7th. (that is in partice adding a 6th)

Listen to Cø



4 note harmonies

7th chord

The 7th chord is very popular. By adding a minor thirt to the fifth (or you may think of it as adding a minor seventh)

Listen to C7


Minor 7th

The minor 7th chord is more popular in jazz than the minor chord. The minor seventh is equivalant of(consists of the same notes as) the major 6-th chord of the sub mediant.

Listen Cm7



The Major 7th chord is used for as a seventh chord of the Tonic and sometimes of the subdominant. the -symbol is often used for the major seventh chord.

hear Cmaj7


Man spiller C-dur skala over akkorden.



6-th chord

C6 means a C-chord with a 6th added. It is by the way equivalent to minor 7th of the paralell.

hør C6



Diminished minor with seventh

This chord is related to the half dimished minor, It is also related to the dim chord.You may use the altererede scala together with this chord

hør Cm7b5



Dim is an abbrieviation of "diminished"You may also use an t o-sign For example: Cdim = Co It is related to the half diminhed minor chord. Ofthen the chord is thoght of as a half diminished chord where a diminished minor 7-th is added.

hør Cdim

The chord is symmetrical. It is built of only minor thirds. There are only 3 diminihsed chords.

Co = Ebo = F#o = Ao
C#o = Eo = Go = Bbo
Do = Fo = Abo = Bo

The chord is mainly used as a passing by chord, but it is also used at places instead of a halfdiminshed chord.



5 note harmony


We will now add an extra third on top of the 5 note harmony. A 9th chord may be replaced by a 7th chord.

hør C9


minor7 b9

You will get this chord if you add a minor third on the7th You can use the alterd scale on this chord.

hear Cm7b9


6 note harmony


Adding another third on the 9th chord and you will get the 11-th chord. The 11-th chord is not so common. You can think of a lot of different combinations of 11th chords combining minor third, minor 9th , major 7th. And sometimes you will see these combinations appearing (but they are not included here)

hear C11


7 note harmony


13th chord

By adding a third on top of the 11-th chord we get a chord containing all the 7 notes of a scale. (That is the mixolydian scale going witht he dominant chord. The 13th chord is often used as an ending chord, or the next to last chord.
top hear C13