Getting a good tone

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Exersize in different ways

It is easiest to consentrate on only one thing. When you are practicing

  • Sometimes you consentrate on learning the melody.
  • Sometimes you concentrate on learning keeping a steady rythm
  • At times you re concentrating of beeing in tune
  • At times you are trying to make a good nice tone from your instrument

You cannot do everything in one go. You have to concentrate on one thing at the time.

When you finaly are plaing in front of an audience, you have no time for thinking


How to get a good tone

The bow should run perpendicularily across the strings. Concentrate on the contact point between the strings.

Check that you are having a good tone

  • Listen to your own playing
  • Experiment by trying starting the tone in different way.
  • Find your own style
  • Learn how to copy others style by listenign to records, mp3, CD's etc. Copy what you find is good.
  • When you are playing together with others, try to copy their style so you play in harrmony not only in notes but also in style.
  • Play softly in the beginning, when you master playing softly you can play anything
  • You should also be able to play strongly
  • Believe in yourself.

Good self esteem is maybe the most important factor for playing with a good tone. Lern to love your own playing. Make sure that you believe in the message you are sending out when you are producing music!

Good tone is not the same as vibrato

You should be able to produce a good tone without vibrato. Vibrato is a spice that you sometimes can use to make a good tone. Don't over use it. Please mind that vibrato does not fit for all music stiles


Influence of your instrument

It is clear that the type of strings you are using, as well as the quality of your instruments, will influence the quality of your tone appearance. However with violins it is possible to improve the instrument by playing well on it. Wood is a magic material, it produces better sound after a while if you play well. The effect is well known by lutheirs and scientists, though nobody have been able to explain why it happens.