Old superstition

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Below learning methods are coming from Sweden and Norway.  

Learn from the "Nude" (Näcken)

Näcken lives in the streaming waters of the rivers and water falls. He does not wear any clothes, and his name goes hand in hand with sexuality. He plays the most wonderful violin. He may lead you astray and draw you into the river, if you are not careful...

This is how you can learn his skills

Put your violin under a bridge a Thursday night, Next morning there are two violins hanging under the bridge, you should now be careful and take your own. The violin of "Näcken" can only be played on by himself.

Other sources claim that you should play on a crossroad three Thursdays in a row. On the third Thursday he will come and ask for your soul, if you give it to him, nobody that you play for will be able to stop dancing as long as you are playing.



Finger from a dead fiddler

Dig up the skeleton of a dead fiddler. Take the finger bone and use it inside you violin as the sound pin. You will inherit the skills of the fiddler this way.


(Source "Svenska Låtar Dalarna: Höök Olof Andersson")