Using the player to learn playing

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It is important to take small steps when you want to learn how to play

Never try learning too much at a time

Rather you should practice a few bars until you know them by heart - then continue

Start playing the melody slowly

Learn few bars at the time

The Player is ideal for learning how to play

Please note that the player does not work on some computer systems. In fact the player only works when you use Windows Internet Explorer, and you have windows media player (later than version 7) installed.

Alternative to the player

Klick on A and then a while later on B, and you will create a loop for practicing a couple of bars. Remeber to put the speed down (use + and minus buttons) or click on the speed lever.

With the player you may slow down the melody without changing pitch!!
Use plus and minus buttons or click on the speed (hastighed) dial for running the melody slower/faster)

Klick into the list for starting

  Click on English, then you may hold the mouse over the buttons to see what they are doing



FH Player is very good for learning to play

FH Player

You will find a selection of easy meldies some in mp3 some in mid

Klick into the list and the melody will start playing.



Keyboard shortcut

about the player
Shortcut Function
     - (minus button) slower (10%)
     + (pluss button) faster (10%)
     1 (number) normal speed (100%)
A Start loop
B End loop
R Go to A-point
T Go to A-point
F Extend loop by passing B-point
H Reset A/B function
P Playl / Paus
S Go to the start
M next melody
Z perevious melody
N Set marker (no button funkction keyboard only)
Q Reset marker recording
W Store marker recording
2 Right channel (second harmony)
3 left channel








Download the player

If you have mp3 or wmf-formated melodies on your computer that you have bought or ripped from your CD-s you can play them with the player. You must do some initial stepps for registering the position of the melodies on your computer. Read the help how to do that.




Download the player here