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Learn to type without looking at your fingers. This can make you extremely fast using your computer.

By always using the right finger on the right keyboard key, you can learn to type without looking on your fingers.
This allows you to be extremely fast when typing. The course is design so you can learn 10-finger typing within few weeks.

Getting started

This course is designed so you can look on the screen and see which finger you shall use for typing the next letter.

However you should not be mislead by the posture of the hand. The hand is drawn for guiding you which finger to use.
You should relax with your hand and try to move your fingers at litle as possible.

Ground position

Whenever you start typing you should put your hands as on the picture. The index finger of your left hand should be put on the letter "F"
and the Index finger of your right hand should be put on the letter "J". (Please note that on most keyboards there is a small marker on the
letters "F" and "J" respectivly, guiding you on how to put your ground position. The software will show you the ground position when you load it,

But subsequently it will move your the hands allowing to point at the next letter with the correct finger. In order to guide you furhter, the fingers,
(and the keboard keys) are painted in different colours depending of the finger to use. According to belwo scheme (counting from thumb). Note that
the keyboard key colors are slightly different from the finger colors in order to provide contrast.


Finger Thumb (1) Index finger (2) Medium finger(3) Ring finger(4) Small finger (5)
Color violet Red Yellow Blue Green


This is how you use the course

Click on above links for your preferred keyboard

Put your hands in the ground posistion.

Dont look at your hands, look at the screen. Use the finger shown for typing on the letter shown.

The exercises starts with few letters in the ground posistion, then the number of letters used is gradually increasing.