Guitar course



Tune the guitar

Using harmonics for tuning

The first chords (D and A7)

How to practice

D-major chords

Strum in D

G-major chords | alternative

C-major chords

Minor chords

Minor seven chords

Vamp in C

Vamp in G

More about strum patterns

A-major chords

E-major chords





Bar chords

Minor Bar Chords

Transpose table

Minor 7 Bar chords

9 chords

6 chords

Maj7 -chords

Chord builder






This is intended to be a simple guitar course for beginners. However advanced users may find the Chord builder and the different strum patterns interesting for practicing

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Learn to read music

Theory of music

Online piano Intervals
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Arpegio Maker  
  Akkord builder  

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