Fret tuning

Tuning the guitar (1)

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Names of the guitar string


Click on the letters to hear start from the thickest string .

Buy a tuner !!

Tuners are today very inexpensive (around 20 €) It is a really good idea to buy one. However sometimes you did not bring a tuner, and it is good to be able to tune your guitar anyway. At the picture you see some rings on the strings in 5th band, these putting your finger down here will get the same note as the loose string on the adjecent string (except on 3rd string where you should press in the 4th fret)

Hold your mouse above the rings and listen

You may use this page to tune your guitar: Hold the mouse above the ring and you here the tone.


Fret tuning

Take care when using this method, the frets may not always be exactly in toon, When pressing down the string you may also affect the pitch.. The small errors you make when tuning from one string to the next is multiplying. On next page you will learn how to use harmonics (flagolets) for tuning. This is more accurate than the fret tuning method. But for a corse tuning, the ftet tuning is OK.

The Note B is called H in other languages

For historical reasons in Germany and scandinavia the letter H is used for the note B. In this course we will use H for B and Bb for B-flat in order to avoid confusion.