How to practice

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You have now learnt two chords

Start slowly

It is important that you take your time. As you practice you will be more swift. In the beginning it takes longer time to get everything right.

The first couple of weeks you should only practice a short while every day. Let's say 5 -15 minutes, this is for allowing the hard skin to build up on your finger tips, but also to avoid strain in your muscels. Try to get to a state where you just want to practice every day. Do that by being positive about your practicing. Do not compare yourself to others in the beginning, focus on your own progress, compare to where you were when you started. It is very important that you have a good mood about what you are doing, you will learn faster and better that way.

"Dry shifting "

Try to shift the chords without struming, just to train your ability to shift between the chords

Hard skin on your finger tips

In the beginning your finger tips will hurt. After practicing

Repetition is the mother of all learning

It takes time to learn. But if you practice you will become better.